Just when Zend couldn’t get any better, it already is!!

Today we’re farting about with RSS feeds and Twitter feeds! It’s remarkably simple! Lets get cracking:

In your controller:

    //look for Ron Paul news and twitter (Americans please vote this guy!!!)
    $q = 'Ron%20Paul';
    $this->view->q = $q;

    //get twitter feeds
    $twitter = new Zend_Service_Twitter_Search();
    $this->view->tweets = $twitter->search($q,array('lang' => 'en', 'rpp' => 8, 'show_user' => true));

    // get Google News Atom feed
    $this->view->feeds = array();
    $gnewsFeed = "http://news.google.com/news?hl=en&q=$q&output=atom";
    $this->view->feeds = Zend_Feed_Reader::import($gnewsFeed);

Thats it!!! In your view:

  $count = 0;  
  foreach ($this->feeds as $entry)
  <p class="post">
    <span class="text"><a href="<?php echo $entry->getLink(); ?>"> <?php echo $entry->getTitle(); ?></a></span>
    <span class="time"><?php echo $entry->getDateModified(); ?></span>

And for the tweets:

<?php foreach ($this->tweets['results'] as $tweet) {?>
<p class="tweet"> <span class="image">
<img src="<?php echo $tweet['profile_image_url']; ?>" /> </span>
<span class="user">
<?php echo $tweet['from_user'] . ': '; ?>
<span class="text">
<?php echo $tweet['text']; ?> </span>
<span class="time">
<?php echo $tweet['created_at']; ?>
<?php } ?>

Ok, I mean come on, how much easier does this stuff get?!?!?!? Rock on, amigos!