ASP.NET Storefront for PHP People

Hi! This post will increase in size as the scale of horror increases, but for now, you’ve been landed with the runt of the projects – an ASP dot Net Storefront Website running on IIS on a windows server. Horrible!

Anyway, when not in the backend CMS part of things, you’ll have to edit files. What are they? I’m not entirely sure, but there are a few which I have figured out:

  • In the root folder there are appears to be categorynamehere.aspx (eg. watches.aspx). This is a landing page for a specific category
  • Header and Footer are in the Controls directory
  • Display Format Stuff and other bits of the header etc is in XMLPackages
  • In the backend, store admin > products > category, the displayformat xml package = entity.sortgridwithprices.xml
  • Also in the backend,  the actual product uses product.simpleproduct.xml.config
  • You can pick what categories each product comes under in the mappings tab.
  • Home Page template for some obscure reason is found in skins/Skin_2
  • Theres a cache flush link at the top right next to your logout link – use it!

Commands: In the xml.config files there are various output things such as {aspdnsf:GetUrl()}. I will document each as I figure them out

  • {aspdnsf:GetUrl()}  the url of the page, put this anywhere to output it
  • {$pName} the product name

Update: Today I’ve been asked to convert some products to ‘In store Only’! This basically means that you can’t order the product from the website, and instead need to call to book it. This is actually quite simple to achieve, all that is required is in Manage Products, you select the item,

*Is Call to Order: NoYes

Now when you visit the product page again, the add to cart button has been replaced!
Also, if we need to edit the actual topic page, to do this we go into Content > Manage Topics, select your topic, and use the wysiwyg editor!