Custom Navigation in Pimcore

Pimcore looks to be a great CMS! I haven’t played around with it much but if you are a fan of Zend Framework 1 then you’ll be right at home using it!

Right now, I’m designing the front end for a small promotional site that requires a CMS admin panel etc, and I’m rendering a customised Navigation view, in order to get the Bootstrap classes that I want.

Pimcore allows you to run multiple sites from the one system. So first we put a check in our layout.phtml :

$navStartNode = $this->document->getProperty("navigationRoot");
    if(!$navStartNode instanceof Document_Page) 
            $site = Site::getCurrentSite();
            $navStartNode = $site->getRootDocument();
            $navStartNode = Document::getById(1);

The root site always has Document ID 1. In the Pimcore admin panel, you right click and add a new page, then right click and you can tell it to use that page as an actual site, so you can add as many as you like!

In the layout.phtml (or view partial like header.phtml), I have the following:

<div class="navbar-collapse collapse">
        $navigation = $this->pimcoreNavigation()->getNavigation($this->document, $navStartNode);;
        echo $this->navigation()->menu()->renderPartial($navigation, 'elements/theme-nav.phtml', array(
                "maxDepth" => 1,
                "ulClass" => "nav navbar-nav"

Pimcore checks in the views folder for the partial (elements/theme-nav.phtml in my example). In my project the views folder is located in /website/views/scripts, so create an elements folder, and create theme-nav.phtml:

<ul class="nav navbar-nav"  data-0="margin-top:20px;" data-300="margin-top:5px;">
    foreach ($this->container as $page) 
        echo '<li>'.$this->navigation()->menu()->htmlify($page).'</li>';

And that’s it! Your Navigation is now rendered in the way we want!


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