Customising Zend_Form Views

Sometimes, you’ll want the same form in more than one place in your application, however occasionally, that means your forms look terrible! However you can specify a different view script to use (I put mine in a forms subdirectory):

    array('ViewScript', array('viewScript' => 'view_folder/different-looking-form.phtml'))

And the bit that confdused me for a while, accessing the form in that view is strangle called $this->element:

<?= $this->element; ?>

Of course, as you may know, you don’t have to render the form like that, which is kind of the point of this:

$form = $this->element;
$supply = $form->getSupply();
$fueltype = $form->getFueltype();


<form id = "<?=$form->getAttrib('id') ?>"
    name = "<?=$form->getName() ?>"
    method = "<?=$form->getMethod(); ?>"
    enctype = "<?=$form->getEnctype(); ?>"
    <dl class="zend_form">

        <dt><label>Supply / Meter</label></dt>
        <dd><?=$supply->getMeterNumber() ?></dd>

        <dt><label>Fuel Type</label></dt>
        <dd><?=$fueltype->getFueltype() ?></dd>

        <dd><?=$supply->getDescription() ?></dd>

    foreach ($form->getElements() as $element)
        echo $element;

Sorted! No need to encase your form in more divs and mess around with CSS! 🙂


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