Sorting Multidimensional Arrays using PHP

noticed that asort() doesn’t cut the mustard? You need usort()!

take this array of arrays for example:

$people = array();
$person = array(
    'name' => 'Zak',
   'age' => 24,
   'born' => 'Timbuktu'
$person2 = array(
    'name' => 'Dave',
   'age' => 30,
   'born' => 'Australia'
$person3 = array(
    'name' => 'Fred',
   'age' => 18,
   'born' => 'California'
$people[] = $person;
$people[] = $person2;
$people[] = $person3;

Now we can create your own custom sort fields. Here I’ll create an age one. The return values are -1 for less than, 0 for equal, and 1 for greater than (first value versus second):

function sortAge($a,$b)
 if($a["age"]> $b["age"]){return 1;}
 elseif($a["age"] == $b["age"]){return 0;}
 elseif($a["age"]< $b["age"]){return -1;}

And here’s one that sorts alphabetically:

function sortName($a,$b)
     return strcmp($a["name"], $b["name"]);

Finally, to use either of your sorts, we call usort.




Sorted! 😉


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